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Company for construction works „Sloga“ was established in Kragujevac in 1979 as a result of the experience of several generations of people working in this profession. A lasting determination created company reputation that the personal development always follows all modern processes in the business. This was followed by the most direct cooperation with science and technology in the field of civil engineering, with the application of the latest achievements in this area. The results were visible - the quality of construction, competitive prices and deadlines.     
With the growth of the ambitions for the modern construction trends, at the beginning of 2011, it grew into a limited liability company Sloga Construction d.o.o. In the process of reengineering, the management followed the vision that a stable and functional organisation should be created that follows current internal procedures and create conditions for more efficient operations and work processes following external (market) requirements. The company is certified and applies the standards in the field of civil engineering ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 50001 standards. In its history to date, the company never had a blocked account. It runs its business positively, with the growth of realised revenues from year to year.

The company has a qualified organisation and machinery for the construction of all types of facilities in civil engineering construction and building construction as well as the execution of all construction and finishing works. In about thirty years of its existence, the company has built most of the important buildings in civil engineering construction and building construction in the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia, and in the last ten years, significant facilities on the whole territory of Serbia. Since its inception, the company has established itself as a leader in high-quality works, which is maintained until today.

Sloga Construction Company carries out construction, extension, reconstruction, restoration and rehabilitation on military and health buildings, rehabilitation centers, institutions for people with special needs, conservation and restoration works on the structures of great importance, the buildings of cultural significance, educational institutions, public buildings, residential and commercial buildings, business centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, cold storage plants.

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