Why Sloga construction?

We have decades of experience. In that period we built a lot of important buildings and civil engineering structures in the former Yugoslavia, and in the last ten years we built significant civil structures throughout Serbia and region. With the application of the latest achievements, we improve the quality of construction.  MORE ABOUT US 


The mission of Sloga Construction is to achieve greater economy and efficiency of business,  while meeting all customer requirements, and  respecting conditions for adaptation and action in accordance with market conditions.


Vision and mission: Our vision is to, as one of the leading construction companies, safely and economically realize our obligations through a rational and operational organization.

Emphasis on cooperation

Sloga Construction is a civil engineering company that has established itself since opening as a leader in quality execution of works in the field of building construction, civil engineering and construction and finishing works. We have and apply ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and 50001 Certificates of compliance with standards in the field of construction.

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The company has a qualified organisation and machinery for the construction of all types of facilities in civil engineering construction and building construction as well as the execution of all construction and finishing works. In about thirty years of its existence, the company has built most of the important buildings in civil engineering construction and building construction in the entire territory of the former Yugoslavia, and in the last ten years, significant facilities on the whole territory of Serbia. Since its inception, the company has established itself as a leader in high-quality works, which is maintained until today.

Sloga Construction Company carries out construction, extension, reconstruction, restoration and rehabilitation on military and health buildings, rehabilitation centers, institutions for people with special needs, conservation and restoration works on the structures of great importance, the buildings of cultural significance, educational institutions, public buildings, residential and commercial buildings, business centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, cold storage plants.

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